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Available Adults

We are greatly reducing our program to focus on our family! Below are available adult dogs that are being offered from our program! Most are available as pets! Breeding rights will be considered at the full price listed. These are proven studs and mommas. The girls have had 1-2 litters. We generally breed for 3 litters before retirement and advise such practice. Some of these girls can have 1-2 more litters and still help grow your program! 

As we are reducing, we will consider reasonable offers and can work out deals on multiple adults!



Blue Fluffy Female

Diana is such a beautiful girl!  Very sweet! Blue Full Fluffy ! She has a very blocky head and flat face! Diana is 6+ Panel Clear and has produced amazing heads on her babies!


She has had two litters! Available as a pet or breeding!

Full: $5,000

Imperial Frenchies Elite_edited.png

Born April 15th, 2020

Pet: $1,000




Entei is a stunning Blue & Tan covered in Cream Stud! He carries cocoa and testable chocolate! His dad is Primetime! Yolo and Kong bloodlines!

He is 6-Panel+ Clear and can produce Newshade Platinum Full Fluffies!


He is a proven stud! He does have a few stud credits that must be fulfilled! 

Imperial Frenchies Elite_edited.png

Born December 4th, 2021

Full: $20,000

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