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New Puppy? Now what?!

Providing Everything You Need To Welcome Your New Furbaby

What We Feed

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Here at Imperial Frenchies Elite, we strive to produce the best babies possible, and that all starts with nutrition. We've looked into many foods and tried several, and have found none better than Life's Abundance. From the quality ingredients to the manner in which it is handled, we truly don't think there is a better option out there. Feel free to ask us any questions you have about it and we'll be more than happy to help! To order yours in preparation of the arrival of your new baby, click the picture of Flash above!

The Basics

Bringing home a new puppy may seem overwhelming, but we've tried to make that one less step you have to worry about by selecting a list of our most recommended items that you can have delivered right to your door! Check them out below!

Dog Kennel Crate

36" Wire Kennel with Divider

Paw Soother.jpg

Paw Soother



crate bed.jpg.png

36" Kennel Bed

Wrinkle Paste.jpg

Wrinkle Paste

Dog Combs

Steel Tooth Combs

Enhanced Dog Bowl.png

Enhanced Dog Bowl

Snout Soother.jpg

Snout Soother

Zesty Paws.png

Zesty Paws Probiotics

The Supplements We Use

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wafers 2.png

When feeding your 4 legged friend, you want to feed the best you can, which is why we feed Life's Abundance. However, even when you choose the best kibble there is still going to be some things you miss, which is why we supplement with NuVet wafers. NuVet is packed full of vitamins and cancer preventing antioxidants to help promote the healthiest life your fur baby can possible have. We HIGHLY recommend that our pet families continue to provide the best you can for your babies whether they be 8 weeks old or 8 years. Click on the logo above to order yours now!

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